We have dozens of parks and places to play, relax and recreate!

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2018 Fall Newsletter

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Sumitomo Park
Amenities: Covered playground area with lighting and includes four Pavilions and six picnic areas with grills.

County Fields
Amenities: Two softball fields with grandstands, a concession building and restrooms.

Stadium & Fairbanks Park
Amenities: Two covered play areas, two pavilions and bench seating around the park.

Park Map

Fairbanks Complex Parks
Amenities: A pocket park with shaded seating, turf area, pavilions and a shaded play area.

Fairbanks Park
Four shaded seating areas and two pavilions. Includes one shaded play area with two beautiful rock features.

Degrazia Park
Amenities: Covered play area, six picnic tables with grills and a large stage.

Dorset Pavilion
Amenities: Pavilion with two grills, seating and a workout station.

Dorset Play Area
Amenities: Covered play areas with a small pavilion, grill and seating.

Norfolk Park
Amenities: Cover swing set with a small pavilion, grill and seating.

Riverview Park
Amenities: Covered playgrounds and swings with three pavilions and grills. One picnic area with a grill, a large turf area and a small walking path, workout stations and restrooms.

Wildkitten Field
Amenities: Little league field with grandstands, concession area and restrooms.