Use of Technology and Internet Guidelines

The Morenci Community Library (the “Library”) encourages the use of its technology systems and services, including computer hardware, software, facilities, and resources used to share and exchange information and communication.  While the Library provides access to various sources of information, users are reminded that not all sources of information are reliable or accurate and thus the Library does not assume responsibility for the content and/or accuracy of information found through the Library, especially as to information found on the Internet. Principles of freedom of speech, academic freedom, and privacy are recognized at the Library. However, the Library reserves the right to manage all systems and services, including the accessing of files, records or other content on the Internet, if violations of these guidelines or unlawful activities occur.

The Library’s resources are not to be used for harassing, demeaning, offensive, or disruptive purposes and any such conduct will be reported to the proper authorities.  The Library offers access to the Internet as a free service to its patrons. However, the Library does filter access to the Internet in compliance with the Children’s Internet Protection Act and other relevant laws.  Further, some Internet services may not be provided through the Library’s connections for financial, technical or security reasons.

Conditions of Internet Use Guidelines

  1. Children under the age of 8 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Children 17 and under must have permission of parent during card registration to access the Internet.
  2. Unlawful activities and the viewing, displaying, printing or transmission of sexually explicit materials are prohibited. Users may be subject to prosecution by authorities for illegal acts and telecommunications fraud (ARS 13-3707).
  3. Users must respect the physical and intellectual property of others including the Library, Internet resources, and content thereof.
  4. Users should not share their password or other personal information with anyone, provide access to unauthorized users, or access another user’s account without authorization.
  5. Users should take precautions to avoid introducing viruses and malicious code to the Library network.  Users use the Library’s technology systems and services at their own risk.
  6. Users should regularly back up important data and files to removable media such as USB storage devices or CDs.
  7. Personal items should never be left unattended for any amount of time.
  8. Users shall not waste finite resources, including printing excessive amounts as determined by Library staff.
  9. Access to Library services and electronic systems are on a first come, first served basis and computers are assigned using an automated system with determined time limits.

Users may be asked to leave the Library and/or lose privileges of using the Library if there is a refusal to comply with these guidelines.